Welcome to the K*I*L forums Smile if your new you can contact the clan leaders if you have any questions .
we hope you will join our clan in the apply to our clan section
- shadow - n3ghtmare

Hello guys welcome to the K*I*L clan forums.enjoy your stay ! If their are any questions regarding the forum/clan you can talk to Shadow(S.W) or N3ghtmare
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 The clan update

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clan leader
clan leader

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PostSubject: The clan update    Thu Jul 16, 2015 4:23 pm

hello my fellow members or recruits of K*I*L

i am sorry i wasent online for a few days i had to do some stuff that had to be done
but now that i am back i will be working on the forum as well as recruiting members Smile
nightmare will do the same i hope Wink
as you see i have made some new forums dont be afraid to use them afro
if their are any problems you can contact me sha<dow or nightmare we will try to answer you as fast as possible
now that we have a forum we can make our clan BIGGER BETTER FASTER STRONGER but the only way to do that is to go around and ask NICE people if they maybe want to join our clan Smile if they want to join tell them to add K*I*L to their name and olso give them the link to our forums so they can apply (here is a tip put this like on your fast chat thingy so you dont have to type it over and over again) LE LINK : http://kil-forums.board-directory.net/

that will be it


i luv you



why are you still reading this lol
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The clan update
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